As long as I can remember, when someone said the word “Louisiana”, 2 things would enter a person’s mind: New Orleans Saints & Gumbo. People from Louisiana have different variations of how Gumbo should be prepared.

These variations include: thickness of gumbo, smoked meats, seafood, chicken, okra, color & even the time of year it should be cooked. Whatever your preference, long as you put your heart in it so that everyone can enjoy, there is no wrong way. The greatest difference most people notice immediately about the Creole Sauce Boss Gumbo is that it is extra thick, too thick according to some. One thing you will learn quick is that it takes a lot to offend the Creole Sauce Boss, but an opinion on how his dishes should taste, will never be one of them. Everyone has different preferences & thick gumbo is one of mine. If you ever have a problem with someone’s gumbo being too thick in your opinion, just pour some water to your desired liking, it is a very easy fix. Here is the Creole Sauce Boss’s version of Creole Gumbo.

To feed approximately 15 people including seconds, follow these simple step-by-step instructions to the tastiest Gumbo in South Louisiana:

2 – Gallons of water
1 – Quart of Roux, (I prefer dark roux)
2 oz – Browning Sauce
Creole seasoning of choice
1 – Large Diced Onion
1 – Large Diced Bell Pepper
1 – Bunch Diced Parsley
1 – Bunch Diced Onion Tops
2 & 1/2 lbs – “Authentic” Smoked Sausage, cut
5 lbs – Boneless Chicken Thighs Seasoned
2 lbs – Smoked Tasso, diced
2 lbs – Smoked Turkey Necks or Wings, cut

  1. In a stock pot able to hold at least 3 gallons, bring 2 gallons of water, diced onion, bell pepper, sausage, tasso, & browning sauce to heavy boil on high heat. (The flavor from the smoked sausage & tasso has no where to go, so putting it in early will not do anything but flavor). It will however, help prevent the roux from boiling over while breaking down in boiling water.
  2. Once at a heavy boil, add the quart of roux & stir until it has completely dissolved in water. Drop heat to medium once roux has dissolved WITHOUT LID OF POT ON. Check often to make sure roux does not boil over, stir often.
  3. Once roux has cooked approximately 1 hour, add smoked turkey necks & continue to cook on medium to low fire for another 1 1/2 hours.
  4. After turkey necks have cooked approximately 1 1/2 hrs add seasoned chicken thighs & cook for approximately 40 min. While chicken still cooking at approximately 20 min, taste gumbo juice for seasoning: Seasoning has cooked out of all smoked meat & chicken so don’t add until this point only if you need to. At this point, maybe just salt should be needed, especially if you added hot smoked sausage.
  5. Once chicken has cooked another 20 min, gumbo should be ready.
  6. Add diced parsley & onion tops & stir in well.
  7. Let sit another 20 min without heat still stirring to let steam out of gumbo to prevent spoiling.
  8. After 20 min it’s time to “Mangeons” (Lets Eat in French). Serve over rice & enjoy.
  9. For thinner gumbo, just add a pint of water while gumbo still cooking or start off with a pint less roux; I like mine thick!!

To enhance your Gumbo, bake some sweet potatoes as a side for your sweet tooth pleasure while enjoying your Creole Gumbo.

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