Creole Soul

Recipes are more than instructions on how to cook a tasty meal. They also provide a rare glimpse into how people used to live back in the day. What kind of foods were available? How difficult was it to prepare and preserve meals? What was the nutrition of the diet? Most of these interesting elements were never written down but passed on in the form of stories. From generation to generation, stories were the historical cannon used to preserve the legacy of the cuisine of that culture. Well that is, until now.

Meet Chef Bryant “Boobie” Fuselier. He comes from a rich background in Creole culture. Ever since he was a young boy, Chef Boobie wanted to cook. On his first attempt, he snuck a piece of steak to cook and ruined it! Boy was his Mother not happy about that. But his Father came home and told Boobie to ask questions from here on out. And whenever Boobie got an opportunity to learn from his elders about the “olden’ days,” he listened with open ears and an open heart. So finally, Boobie decided it was time to chronicle the history of these recipes and write them down to share with all.

Let Boobie both share and show you some of the amazing stories involving his most prized recipes, some of which have been a part of his family’s heritage for years. Learn how cattle used to roam free in the woods until the “Cowboys” had to wrangle them up for slaughter. Listen in as Boobie shares some of his long kept secrets, like “soaking” the beans for a few days in prep for red beans and rice. Enjoy the richness of the Creole culture and embrace its unique flavor. So come on in. Take a seat. Loosen your belt. Your’re about to be fed a bountiful bowl of some Creole Soul.

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