Bryant “Boobie” Fuselier
The Creole Sauce Boss

Hello. My name is Bryant Fuselier. Some people call me Boobie. Others call me The Sauce Boss. Despite my many names, one thing is truer than true. I love to cook. And being born and raised in the Creole culture, I do my cooking good. It’s a celebration of hundreds of years of recipes being passed down from generation to generation. There is a lot of history in our food, and it would be my honor to share it with ya.

I was born September 4, 1970 in Opelousas, Louisiana. My parents were Elaine and Henry Fuselier. I’ve lived my entire life in Prairie Laurent, Louisiana, a small rural community between Opelousas and Leonville. I grew up & still live on the actual land my dad’s family acquired since they originated here in the 1800’s, with my wife Melinda Guillory Fuselier & our son Benjamin Cody Fuselier.

I started cooking at the approximate age of 11 years old, simply because I was tired of eating bologna sandwiches every day. Both of my parents worked so I decided one day to give a try at cooking a real meal. I took some left over meat out of the fridge and destroyed it by burning it so bad. My mother was very upset but my dad knew yelling wasn’t going to help so he gave me words of encouragement. After many years of trying and failing at times, I got much better at it. Today, if attention is not paid, I still mess up from time to time.

Cooking to me is not only about taste but the wonderful way it brings loved ones and friends together. No matter how good I can cook, it would be meaningless without the memories it brings back, the stories we share while preparing the meal, and the fun arguing we do just to give each other a hard time in the most loving way. It allows your elders to pass on the values of your culture and then you in return get to do the same. It’s a great feeling.

Editor’s Note: Chef Boobie has been featured in several issues of International Kreol Magazine, published in London, England. He has cooked for the Robertson family out of Monroe, La., better know as The Duck Dynasty Family. He has also appeared in several documentaries and catered to important city and state events.

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